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"So, the internet can be a tricky place. We hear horror stories from people getting scammed, or just not happy with the company they chose. You can imagine how hesitant I was, picking a business coaching company to help me with my business planning. I stumbled upon M2 Business Coaching while researching online and called to set up my free initial appointment with owner Mark Mesnick. We met a week later with me asking if he would be able to help me. We went back and forth about my business ideas that were all over the map. Mark said, problem one identified! I learned much more about Mark's extensive lifetime resume and my hour flew by fast as I was super comfortable with Mark. I hired him shortly after and we have since been working hand in hand organizing my business plans."

Douglas Steigerwald

Business Development/Rainmaker @

"I have known Mark for over 40 years and have watched his business grow tremendously during that time. As a successful, self-made entrepreneur, Mark has great insight into when and where to cultivate new business, how to build strong customer relationships resulting in repeat business, and leading his team with integrity and respect. He is skilled in all aspects of running a business. Mark's role as a football official for 30+ years has given him additional experience in teamwork and the ability to see the whole playing field when making decisions. I was an executive with a Fortune 500 company, and we often collaborated on ideas regarding how to build and maintain a successful career. Mark is very personable and dedicated to seeing every one of his clients succeed. I know his unique insight would be an asset to helping you achieve your professional goals."

Victoria B.

Retired VP with a Fortune 500 company